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Game Modes

At Nickel City Paintball, we offer several exciting game modes.  Moreover, our game modes can be "spiced up" with different rule sets. As an example, the mode "Vitals" can be applied in any game mode. We also have the option to hold games with respawns, and medics to bring players back who have been eliminated.


Elimination is a free-for-all-based game mode, where all players face off against one another, and the last player standing wins!

Capture The Flag

Two teams hold a flag, and it's the objective to capture the opposing team's flag for points. 


Two teams, one team holds a base, and the other attacks the base. Defending team wins by eliminating the opposing team, attacking team wins by entering base without being eliminated/hit


One player volunteers to go alone, solo, lone wolf as a Zombie... the rest of the group is now being hunted. Zombie eliminates players to turn them into Zombies, while the others try to eliminate them, only headshots to the mask eliminate Zombies.

Team Elimination

Team Elimination is a team-based game mode, two teams go against one another, and the last team standing wins!


Two teams, elimination format with a twist! Only headshots (shots to the mask), and shots above the waistbelt to the torso/chest can eliminate players, shots to the legs & arms will not be counted.

Center Flag

Two teams, one flag... A Flag is placed at the center of the field, or a center point will be marked, it's the objective to touch the flag without being eliminated, the team with the more point captures will win!

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