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  • What should I wear?
    We recommend you wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and good running shoes. Don’t be afraid to layer up, you can always take layers off. The paint will not stain your clothes. The fill in a paintball is actually quite similar to vegetable oil and is a mixture of non-toxic and water-soluble substances. Some of the dyes in the fill have more color in them, but if you rinse it with cold water, it should come out.
  • Does getting shot hurt?
    Getting shot is most often compared to getting snapped with a rubber band or popped with a wet towel and usually will go away after a few seconds. Getting shot at close range can hurt but we have a 20ft surrender rule to reduce the amount of close range encounters.
  • Do I need a reservation?
    No, walk-ons are welcome! Reservations are used as a tool to help us adequately staff our employees so that we can provide a premier paintball experience. You only need a reservation if you are going to have five or more people.
  • Can I book on a weekday?
    We can open up outside of our business hours for parties by reservation only. Email for more information.
  • How long is each game?
    The majority of our game types are less than 10 minutes long.
  • Will there be a referee with us?
    A referee will be with you at all times facilitating gameplay. All players must listen to the rules before going out with a referee and playing.
  • Do I have to sign a waiver?
    Yes, all players must have a liability waiver signed; those under the age of 18 must also have their parent’s or guardian’s signature in order to participate. You can fill out a waiver online at the tab on the menu bar on the top of the page. All players must be at least 10 years of age or older (or at least 8 years old for the low impact). Waivers filled out online will last one year from when you filled it out.
  • Can I use my own paint?
    No, we are FIELD PAINT ONLY, meaning you must use paint you have have purchased from our field.
  • Can I keep my leftover paint?
    Yes, you are welcome to bring any remaining paintballs back. However, all paint must be checked and approved by a staff member at the front desk. When you take home the paint, it needs to be stored in a dry cool place to ensure it does not go bad. Also keep in mind that paint does expire, the shelf life of a paintball is about 6 months, stored in the right conditions.
  • How much paint will I use?
    The average player will shoot anywhere between 500-1,000 rounds in a four hour period, depending upon how much you shoot.
  • Do you rent chest protectors, clothing, coveralls, etc.?
    No, the only protection we provide is a full face mask.
  • What's the difference between an EMEK Marker and a GelStrike Rapid Blaster?
    The EMEK Marker is a standard paintball gun, and is typically recommended for players 12 and above. The GelStrike Rapid Blasters shoot a ball that is much smaller than a paintball, and is launched without having to use a large air tank, without as much velocity. These are a great option for any of our younger paintball players, or for anyone who is more pain sensitive!
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